Hello, I'm Alex McKinnon.

I am a third year Computer Engineering student at Queen's University of Kingston Ontario.

Over my past two years at university I've been able to work on a handful of cool projects. I've built a paintball gun turret, worked on the Queen's Satellite design team, built and designed a handful of websites.

In my first year I joined the IT Team in the Engineering Society, back before it was rebranded as ESSDEV, where I assisted the redesign and building of the current Engineering Society website. The following year I moved laterally into the sysadmin area of work as IT Support Coordinator. In this position I was able to grow my skillset in Linux server management.

In my second year I was brought onto the position of Photography manager of the Engineering Society communications team. I was able to practice and grow my interest in photography while working with some amazing photographers to complete various promotional jobs within the society and its associated services and clubs.

During my free time I worked on a start-up software company that focused on access control and management for gated communities. The Startup was brought into an incubator at Queen's University where we developed business skills required to run and operate a business.

I'm now in my third year, working as Director of Communications of the Engineering Society at Queen's University, where I oversee three content media teams, a small team of archivists managing our internal records, and I manage the major communication channels of the society.

I'm always looking for cool new opportunities, and the next step of how to better get involved with the things that interest me the most.